Glad to see that only 5 live tickets remain on the legacy dcrstakepool. Hopefully they all vote before the hard fork take effect! At that point, the old pool nodes will be unable to vote from dcrwallet v1.6. That means virtually everyone has upgraded to 1.7.

Updated vspd to v1.1.1 which fixes a bug preventing vote preferences to be changed after a ticket purchase. The count of live tickets on the legacy dcrstakepool is down to 9. After the on-chain vote completes and the hard-fork occurs, it will no longer be possible to run the legacy code. The old stakepool will be decommissioned at that time.

There's still 20 live tickets on the legacy dcrstakepool. The legacy voting wallets will still be maintained up until the hard fork, at which point it will be impossible to continue running dcrstakepool. That will be the last chance for those users to upgrade their wallets, before facing the inability to vote on blocks.

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Boom. vspd has been upgraded to the latest version. Still some work left to finish up the migration, but version 10 vote choices are now being recorded ahead of the upcoming vote.

The new vspd release was recently tagged, and today nodes will start getting upgraded. The migration to the new release will be complete in the next couple of days.

Based Bison, the 1.7 release has landed! Voting node upgrades will probably commence later this week. Will need to run some testing on the vspd 1.1 tag on testnet before going on mainnet.

Looks like RC3 is getting the release tag. The time for upgrading to 1.7 not yet here, but quickly approaching!

The first release candidate for 1.7 is out. Once we get closer to the release being stable and the vspd codebase is tagged v1.1 we'll start to look at upgrading the voting service nodes. Cautious enthusiasm!

Mastodon server upgrade over the holidays revealed some underlying issues with the hosts storage array, so Mastodon is now running a new VM.

Now running Mastodon v3.4.4. Back just in time for the big 1.7 release for Decred.

The legacy stakepool service continues to vote for tickets for a few users that have not yet migrated. So the plan is to purge email addresses, the last remaining user identifiable information, from the database. This way the operation can persist for as long as necessary while still adhering to our goal of optimizing stakeholder privacy.

Just completed maintenance on vspd. The web interface for the old dcrstakepool has been removed, however the legacy stakepoold nodes and the legacy api will continue to be maintained until users have migrated to vspd. If you're still using the legacy voting service, please upgrade or you may not be able to cast your votes when the next hard fork comes up. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns!

Don't trust, verify. Run your own dcrdata node! ~8Gb ram and some modest compute are all you need. An old desktop or a raspberry pi 4 on your shelf will probably do the job.

Decentralized Treasury has passed the hard fork vote, and is now locked in!

Stakeholders, be sure to update your Decred wallet software before block 552448, which is about a month away.

As accounts are no longer necessary to use the voting service, new registrations for the legacy dcrstakepool system have been permanently disabled. Of course, the old voting service software will continue to be maintained until users have migrated over to the new system. 🎉

Congrats to the Decred project on releasing version 1.6!

Don't forget to verify your installer by hashing with sha256 and comparing to the PGP signed manifests on github.

The testnet vsp will be offline for a while pending migration to another VM. It ran out of disk space before I got around to migrating it to a new host machine with higher capacity.

And of course if you've been buying ticktes using the Decrediton 1.6 release candidate, you don't need to log into the website at all. You can simply (and privately) select your voting choice directly in your own wallet.

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Maintenance complete, you may now set your voting preference ahead of the upcoming on chain vote:

Maintenance notification: dcrstakepool is currently being upgraded. The website will be unavailable for a few minutes at some point over the next couple of hours.

I finally spent some time learning to use vimdiff as a git mergetool!

Testnet vsp is back and upgraded. :D

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