Show newer is offline for maintenance. doing a trial run upgrade to RC5 for the legacy stakepool software.

Make sure to upgrade to RC5 if you're running release candidates. RC4 and prior will no longer be able to purchase tickets after a recent api change.

Upgraded Mastodon to the latest release.
Upgraded vspd to master.
Upgraded testnet to RC5.
Started rolling out mainnet updates voting nodes up to RC5 from RC4.

At the very least, I can say the backups are working! 😂

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There was an unplanned server reboot this morning, after which mastodon-web/tootctl were throwing an exception "NameError: uninitialized constant ActiveSupport::Logger::WARNING"

After debugging for a couple hours, blowing away and restoring several times, I finally compared fresh-install environment variables to the production config. That's when I found the spurious var "RAILS_LOG_LEVEL=warning" that I must have forgotten about. Removing that resolved the exception. Derp! Lesson learned..

Performing maintenance on the vsp website, it'll be back in a moment. Voting nodes are all good.

vspd has been upgraded to head which includes a new api improvement (the ticket parent transaction) that should signficantly reduce the amount of time to confirm a fee for a ticket and verify that it has been added to the vsp. all voting nodes have been moved up to rc3 as well over the weekend. ie. we're ready for RC4 which will include this api improvement!

Nightly off-site backups for Mastodon have been implemented. Shell scripts and systemd-timers are just the best.

Network status updates and maintenance notifications will land here now!

This instance is open to the Decred community. Invitation link:

Decred Citadel

This Decred citadel is a modestly fast, secure, and up-to-date Mastodon instance with monitored server availability and nightly off-site backups. Open to the Decred community.